Turnout Rugs

Our wide selection of turnout rugs will help keep your horse dry, warm and clean (kinda) all year round. Narrow your search by weight, denier, neck style and colour to find the best turnout rug for your horse!

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What is a turnout rug?

If you’re a horse owner, chances are you already have a bunch of turnout rugs already neatly folded (yeah right) in your tackroom.

But if you’re a first time horse owner and are getting a little baffled with the myriad of rugs available, don’t worry! It’s all really quite simple.

As you can likely denote from the name, a turnout rug is an all weather all season rug designed to keep your horse or pony dry and warm while they’re living or spending long periods of time out in the field.

These extremely versatile rugs are made from waterproof and breathable materials and are available in a wide range of weights (thick thickness and warmth) ranging from 0g (no filling) right up to 300g and beyond. A lightweight no fill 0g rug being a great option for helping to keep your horse comfortable in wet and windy weather, with the thicker 300g+ heavyweight rugs coming in useful for especially cold snaps.

What is a combo turnout rug?

A combo turnout rug has a fixed neck cover attached to the rug. The neck cover finishes at the horse’s ears and cannot be detached from the rug, but it can be rolled back if needed.

Combo’s tend to be the more popular style of turnout rug as they offer greater protection and warmth than a standard neck turnout. Turnout rugs with detachable necks are also available which will give you the flexibility to remove the neck cover but may compromise on rain leaking in compared to the combo option.

Which turnout rug to use?

When it comes to rugging your horse or pony, there really isn’t one size fits all rule unfortunately – there’s just too many variables at play. To be frank you’ll have to use your best judgment based on the nature of the weather and the type of horse you have.

Our handy Rug Finder tool will help to point you in the right direction, but ultimately, it’s down to you to pay close attention to the needs of your horse and to make sure your choice of rug is keeping them comfortable and not having a negative impact on their well-being.

Is a turnout rug waterproof?

Keeping your horse dry is an important pre-requisite to keeping him warm, so yes, your turnout rug needs to be waterproof. Now just how waterproof or showerproof it will be depends on a number of factors.

Firstly, the denier of the material used does play a large role. The denier or ‘D’ of the rug is a density rating that refers to the thickness of the fibres used in the rug’s fabric.

A higher denier rating would mean the fabric of the rug is thicker, stronger, more hard wearing and as a result more resistant to water penetrating it (a denser more tightly woven fabric is just always going to be better at repelling water than one that isn’t).

You will find that some turnout rugs also have a rating that denotes their ‘waterproofness’. It is worth pointing out however, that despite all the fabric technologies and treatments that the rugs undergo – under a prolonged deluge rain my still penetrate through. Even the best turnout rug money can buy will only be waterproof to a point.

If you’re shopping for a waterproof turnout rug that you need to endure heavy and/or long periods of rain then we would recommend you opt for a minimum 1200D and 50g weight - a no fill 0g turnout will never be as waterproof as one with some filling in it.

It is also worth pointing out that the waterproofing treatments of the outer rug fabric will degrade over time. As a result you may need to re-treat the rugs over time if you notice their water resistant properties aren’t what they used to be.

t’s a fairly straightforward process and you can learn more about it by reading out ‘how to waterproof your turnout rug’ guide.

Can turnout rugs be used as stable rugs?

Turnout rugs can often be used as stable rugs, but stable rugs are not advised to be used as turnout rugs. Stable rugs are often not as waterproof or hardwearing as turnout rugs so it would be inadvisable to turn your horse out in a stable rug.

Letting your horse keep their turnout on in the stable can be a big timesaver, and in some conditions can also be more beneficial than swapping a warm turnout rug for a cold stable rug.

Stabling your horse in a wet turnout rug can be a great way to dry the rug with your horse’s body heat overnight rather than swapping it for a stable rug and having a damp turnout to put on in the morning.

If you plan to use your turnout rugs as stable rugs we would advise you to make sure that the turnouts you use are breathable (most modern rugs are), and that you keep an eye out for any rug rubbing that may occur overtime as a result – for example full neck turnouts causing some rubbing on the mane.

We would also recommend that you take the rugs off every couple of days regardless – either back into stable or turnout, just to help prevent any rug rubbing and to also to give you the opportunity to check your horse for any signs of rubbing.

If you plan to use your turnout rug in the stable it might be worth considering how messy your horse is in the stable. Afterall it’s far easier to wash and clean a stable rug than it is to regularly wash and reproof a turnout!

Can you put a turnout rug on a wet horse?

Whilst not ideal, rugging a wet horse with a modern breathable rug should be absolutely fine. It might not be great form, but sometimes the situation dictates, and when faced with a wet, shivering horse it’s definitely the right decision.

We would recommend you tried to towel off and soak up as much of the moisture as possible prior to putting on the rug. If possible you could try thatching with straw first to act as an absorbent layer between your wet horse and the rug. Add a thick layer of straw across your horse’s back will allow air to circulate and help the horse to quickly dry.

Just be sure to take the rug off the next day and give him a good groom.